All Pianos Are Not Created Equal – Benches

Once you’ve chosen and bought your piano, you probably can’t wait to get home and Pianos Are Not Created Equalplay your new instrument. But your shopping trip isn’t done yet, you still need to purchase the grand piano bench before you can really start playing. And just as all pianos are not created equal, the same holds true with benches, so you need to know what to look for before making your final choice.

There are really two considerations when choosing a piano bench — style and comfort. First, you want to choose a piano bench that matches the style of the piano you purchased. The bench style should match the piano style so the pair looks like a cohesive unit. Choose a modern bench for a modern piano and a more classical look for an antique or refurbished piano. The veneers on the bench and piano should match as well. Digital pianos and Grand pianos require totally different styles too.

piano benchesSecondly, and really most importantly, you need to choose a stool based on comfort. You will spend countless hours sitting on your bench and your comfort will impact the quality of your playing. Choose a bench with luxurious fabric and a thick, padded top to keep your sit bones from getting uncomfortable.

You should also check the height of your bench against your piano or choose an adjustable stool. Computers and desk jobs aren’t the only activities that can cause repetitive stress injuries. So can playing piano. Ergonomics matter when you play. An adjustable bench allows you to sit perfectly while you play to maintain optimum wrist and arm health and allows for multiple musicians in a home to sit comfortably. 

A piano is meant to be played and to play well, you need to compliment your piano with the perfect piano bench. What do you like best about your piano bench?  

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