Piano Repair Should Have A Warranty

Your piano is your passion. And it’s an investment that should not only last you a lifetime—but should be around for generation after generation. That’s why proper piano repair and tuning are essential to keeping your piano in prime shape.

All Piano Tuners Are Not Created Equal

Your piano is a complex and delicate piece of machinery, requiring a master craftsman to maintain it.  Just lifting the lid and taking a cursory glance at the intricate mechanism within should tell you that it’s as much of an art to maintain it well as it is to play it with any proficiency.  For … Continued

Digital Pianos Come In All Sizes

In the current digital era when most devices are going digital, I am not one bit surprised to find that even pianos are getting digitized. Today more and more students prefer to start their piano lessons on digital pianos. Hence most of the piano studios that were once imparting piano lessons on traditional instruments are … Continued

Using Piano Moving Equipment To Avoid Accidents

Piano moving can be an extremely stressful experience. Pianos are not only worth a great deal of money, but they also fill our lives with beauty and hold sentimental value. While a typical moving company may be able to handle all of your other personal belongings, Piano moving should really only be completed by professional … Continued

Piano Repair Focus On: Treatment Of A Loose Pinblock

For a piano to hold a stable tuning, it’s essential that the tuning pins are tight. While there are other factors (such as fluctuations in humidity) which have an impact on the longevity of a tuning, a tuning pin which is loose to the point where it slips and turns in its hole will cause … Continued

Piano Moving And Tuning

The aim of purchasing a piano was to bring home some intellect stimulation and enjoyment. After all, a piano was not going to be any furniture piece needed to compliment my house décor. It had to play well and fulfill my aspirations as a pianist! And when I finally decided to bring home one, I … Continued

Baldwin Pianos Need Service Also

Owning a piano is similar to owning a car.  Even if you have a quality model, there is still a need for basic maintenance and service to keep it running at its best, and extend its lifespan.  Baldwin Pianos are a trusted name in the industry, and even with exemplary craftsmanship they still require the … Continued

All Pianos Are Not Created Equal – Piano Features Part 1

A piano may seem like a simple instrument, but it is anything but. Pianos are complicated instruments comprised of several moving parts that collectively contribute to the overall sound. As such, pianos vary greatly in quality depending on the craftsmanship that went into construction. This blog post will focus on some key piano features and … Continued