Piano Moving And Tuning

piano movingThe aim of purchasing a piano was to bring home some intellect stimulation and enjoyment. After all, a piano was not going to be any furniture piece needed to compliment my house décor. It had to play well and fulfill my aspirations as a pianist! And when I finally decided to bring home one, I learned a few things:

  • preparation needed before buying a piano

  • piano moving

  • piano tuning

  • myths about servicing before tuning a piano

Appraising a piano can be a rare experience….. Every piano looked elegant but before selecting a piano, my heart said that I should love the key touch and musical tone of the one I intend to buy. So it was important that I check a wide variety of pianos at the piano shop. Playing different pianos I realized that each gave a different response to my fingers. I then decided to go for the piano tone that appealed to my music sense the most!

Caring for the piano regularly……. Purchasing a good piano means spending a mini fortune. But buying one and neglecting it is a big no-no! I realized that a piano needs a bit of tuning every now and then.  Even when nobody is playing the piano, it needs regular tuning as a piano’s worst enemy is the weather! Lack of servicing it can mar its health and longevity!piano tuning

Piano tuning is an art……Piano tuning is an art which needs only the skilled hands of a professional tuner. My several futile attempts made me decide that under no circumstances I would tune it myself. As with any other precious assets in life, a piano can develop problems and needs maintenance. It is worth spending on professional piano tuning than wasting thousands of dollars spent on its purchase. The lesson I learnd was never gamble with piano tuning!

Piano moving and myths about it……. Recently while shifting residence, I realized about piano moving and myths about it. Does a piano need some time to settle in a new place before being serviced? Of course, piano moving does cause some instability to it. Hiring a reputed piano moving company will help in safeguarding and making the shifting process devoid of stress. And there is no need to wait for a piano to settle down but schedule an appointment with a piano tuner at the earliest.   












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