7 Shortcuts To Learning To Play Piano

It’s been my experience that many people who are interested in playing the piano are intimidated by what seems to be an exorbitant amount of music theory that has to be digested and understood. Thankfully, there is a plethora of information available that breaks the theory down into palatable sizes. These bite size pieces of … Continued

Strengthen Your Mind With Piano lessons

Like most hobbies, people normally start them for various reasons. For instance, you might take up golf to socialize with other golfers, or go to the gym to meet other gym enthusiasts. The same can be said for those who take up piano lessons. Playing the piano can strengthen your mind, which is typically the … Continued

Why Now Is The Time To Take Piano Lessons

Have you been taking piano lessons but are finding it difficult to improve? Perhaps you have some experience in playing the piano and you want to improve your skills? Are you still wondering if this is the right time to learn how to play piano? Well, you should not wonder anymore, because NOW is the … Continued

Surprising Reason To Consider Taking Piano Lessons

There are many reasons that people pursue piano lessons, and everyone finds their own motivation for cultivating their musical talent. Of course, there are common reasons, like wanting to play in a band, wanting to be able to be able to play one’s favorite songs, and so on. There is nothing wrong at all with … Continued

What To Look For In Piano Lessons In Atlanta

Do you know that buying a piano is a once in a lifetime purchase? How about making the buying process an easy one for you? In Atlanta, Cooper Piano, today owned and operated by Blake and Jolie (fourth generation of Coopers to own and operate Cooper Music, one of America’s largest and most respected music … Continued