Grand Pianos For Sale, Are They A Good Deal?

Grand pianos for sale are a great deal especially if you choose to buy a piano from a reputable dealer or store. Below are a number of valuable facts about the grand piano that will help you understand its compromises and advantages, as well as grand piano buying tips that should come in handy.

Cooper Piano: Offering Great Pianos With Great Customer Service

Customer service is a fundamental part of my company and at Cooper Music; it is certainly not seen as an extension of our business. Before I started the company, I told myself that it was important to integrate great pianos with great customer service. Without the best products and services, I did not think a … Continued

Grand Pianos For Sale Made In Germany

A grand piano is an object like no other. It is a thing of aesthetic beauty. It is elegance defined. A grand piano fills any room — any home, any space — they occupy with a sense of refinement and a grace note of class. And of course they produce the most beautiful music known … Continued

Pianos For Sale And Avoiding Wasting Your Time

When you decide to buy one of the pianos for sale, acoustic or traditional, it is not a decision that is made without a specific use or need. Depending on the use or need, the pianos for sale can be pricey or affordable. Several people feel that it is best to start with a more … Continued

Used Pianos Need More Maintenance

Before you buy used pianos, there are several things you need to find out from the seller, such as: • Reasons for Selling the Piano There are many reasons why people sell their pianos. Whatever the reason is, it should not be one that will cost you money. If sellers claim that the used pianos … Continued

Grand Piano Maintenance

After you finally purchased a grand piano, you will realize that it requires very little money and time when you consider the years of gratification it can offer you, especially when you compare it with other activities or hobbies. While it offers you the satisfaction, there is a need for you to learn the basics … Continued

Steinway Grand Piano: From New York & Germany Only

Before you buy a Steinway grand piano, it is imperative to understand there are no two Steinway grand pianos that are alike. As individuals, we have special characteristics that appeal to others, hence, each Steinway grand piano has its extraordinary characteristics as well. Steinway has handcrafted each piano to its own individuality since 1853 and … Continued

Upright Pianos Have A Good Sound

When it comes to finding the perfect piano for you and your family, you have many choices to decide from. However, because we understand that a piano is a once in a lifetime investment for anyone, having some help on choosing the right piano doesn’t have to be hard to come by. In fact, our … Continued