Grand Pianos For Sale, Are They A Good Deal?

Grand pianos for sale are a great deal especially if you choose to buy a piano from a reputable grand pianos for saledealer or store. Below are a number of valuable facts about the grand piano that will help you understand its compromises and advantages, as well as grand piano buying tips that should come in handy.

The cost of a grand piano

My store specializes in reasonably priced top quality grand pianos. They give surety to each of my customers regarding resonant sound, responsive touch and an immaculate finish. I am aware that low quality is a cost-cutting measure and that top quality normally means extremely expensive. However, at Cooper Music store, you will be pleased to know that even the highest quality grand piano is affordable to almost all households with a medium-class income. Whether they are used or brand new grand pianos, they are definitely one of the best deals around.

The size of a grand piano

Grand pianos for sale are between 5’8” and 7’6” in length and about 5’ in width. If you are looking at buying a full grand concert piano, it will be around 9 feet long and 3 feet wide. The bigger the size of the unit, the bigger the space you need to allocate in your home.

Why should you buy a grand piano?

Due to their unique appearance, grand pianos are very popular as a greatly desirable piece of furnishing. Aside from its remarkable touch response, this type of piano is easy to accommodate and aesthetically more inviting to play compared to an upright piano. If you tested a grand and an upright piano, you would notice that although it is within the same price range as the upright, the grand piano produces a different tone. Be that as it may, it does not mean that the grand piano is a better alternative in all aspects.

Older grand pianos

Older grand pianos for sale do not simply match up with all recent pianos. Back in the days, actions of older grand pianos were not as good and their scale designs were not as well engineered. In addition, the timbers that were used to construct the pianos did not consist of central heating. Although their prices are very attractive, their designs are extremely dissimilar. If you were considering the purchase of an older grand piano, I would certainly advise you against it, because older pianos have been subjected to more or less 20 tons of combined string tension for a period of more than 80 grand pianos

Additionally, they have probably been played and used extensively, and moved around quite a few times. Thus, you would come across a second-rate musical instrument that is unable to compete with any high quality modern piano. I must say that modern design and engineering seems very effectual, and they tend to be worth so much more. If you must buy a secondhand grand piano, it is highly advisable that you hire a Registered Piano Technician to help you assess it. I believe that a piano should be worth every penny that you spend on it, which is why having the expertise of a RPT will assist you in obtaining a truly valuable used piano.

Grand pianos for sale

When it comes to the tone, the length of the grand piano is the primary factor. When you are shopping for grand pianos, it is essential that you look at the width of its main body and the tail end. A wider tail end means that it allows for a more accessible position for the bridge and longer bass strings can be lodged. Depending on the profile of the tail end, two 6’ grand pianos may easily sound dissimilar.

Are you convinced that grand pianos for sale are a good deal to consider? 

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