What Makes a Grand Piano so Grand?

The standing joke is that the grand piano got its name from the grands it costs. Consisting of over 12,000 parts, the grand piano is no joke: its design has been perfected since its debut in the 19th century. Prized by professional pianists, this solo instrument is known for its size, its balanced sound, as well as its beauty and high-quality materials.

How To Properly Place Your Grand Piano In A Room?

Grand pianos are temperamental musical instruments – subject to variations in humidity and heat. Placing them in less-than-ideal surroundings that are extremely damp, hot, cold, or merely unprotected can lead to unfailing tuning issues and maintenance expenditure down the road. Before you buy a grand piano, ensure that you have sufficient space to accommodate it.

Grand Reasons To Buy Grand Pianos

Grand pianos are classically beautiful and elegant. The frame and strings of grand pianos are horizontal, making them different than upright pianos. They are usually larger than upright pianos and are used by many artists in concerts, or placed in homes as beautiful centerpieces. Whether you choose a concert grand, a parlor grand, boudoir grand … Continued

Grand Pianos For Sale Made In Germany

A grand piano is an object like no other. It is a thing of aesthetic beauty. It is elegance defined. A grand piano fills any room — any home, any space — they occupy with a sense of refinement and a grace note of class. And of course they produce the most beautiful music known … Continued

Grand Rental For A Special Event

These days, it seems like everyone is cutting corners when they’re putting on a special event. It’s understandable, given the current economy, but there really is nothing like having a real, live grand piano to give style and class to an event. No MP3 player will ever come close to matching the sound of a … Continued

Steinway Baby Grand Piano Models

Ask just about anyone you happen to meet which company produces the best pianos, and they’ll say "Steinway." The name itself conjures up visions of hushed concert halls, lush sounds reverberating throughout, with the greatest pianists in the world producing the greatest music in the world.

Piano Prices On The Different Styles

One of the greatest things about the piano market is the range of options available to suit any budget. No matter whether you’re looking for a cheaper or pre-owned model, or you want to invest in a top-of-the-line Steinway, there are piano prices which will suit your budget. There’s no reason you should have to … Continued

Steinway Grand Piano Rebuilding

A Steinway grand piano has a well-deserved reputation for quality and performance. Many pianists, concert halls and piano dealers trust and recommend the Steinway line of grand pianos to serious musicians looking to make a purchase to last a lifetime. Steinway pianos hold their value for decades because of the solid construction that goes into … Continued