What To Know Before You Buy Your First Piano

  When I was a child, all my heart desired was a piano. I loved to sing in the choir and longed to accompany myself at home. The year I turned 10, my parents bought me the best little upright they could afford and I taught myself to pick out the simple tunes in the … Continued

Top Things To Consider When Purchasing A Piano

Buying a piano is not something that you can take very lightly. It is important to consider a number of important factors, such as the following: 1. Sample as Many Pianos as Possible Keep in mind that one piano does not fit all, so you need to know your own musical requirements before you decide … Continued

What Kind Of Warranty Should I Expect When Purchasing A Piano?

Pianos are exquisite musical instruments and depending on which brand and model you purchase, you can easily spend a small fortune. When it comes to a huge purchase, such as a piano, it is important to know the different warranties on offer with your investment. There are typically two types of warranties – manufacturer and … Continued

How To Select The Best Room For A Piano?

I always remind my customers that the piano is constructed to last a long time, and chances are it can and will last for several decades. This is especially true if the instrument is taken well care of and for this to be possible, a number of things have to happen, especially where the piano … Continued

Top 5 Reasons To Buy A Yamaha Piano

For many decades, Yamaha has always been at the top of the musical instrument industry, especially when it comes to pianos. Their pianos are often the first choice for numerous top pianists and celebrities from all parts of the world. Their reputation for producing quality pianos over the years is certainly second to none. Whether … Continued

The Immense Worth of Purchasing A Piano for Your Child

There are numerous reasons why parents sign their children up for piano lessons. Perhaps, they had this hidden desire to play the instrument themselves, but they were denied the opportunity when they were growing up. Other parents may have had the experience or knowledge of playing the piano for about two to three years, but … Continued

6 Pros & Cons of Purchasing A Used Piano

A piano’s worth depends on various factors, especially a used piano. A large number of people believe that used pianos are equal to an economical buy, but I can assure you that it is not. The following are six pros and cons with reference to purchasing a used piano:

Where’s the Starting Line?: Tips On Purchasing a Piano

A piano is deemed as one of the most magnificent musical instruments that you can ever possess. This instrument can stay as one of your most prized possessions for a very long period. Due to this reason, it is imperative to purchase a first-class quality piano, particularly one that is excellent in terms of artisanship … Continued