What Kind Of Warranty Should I Expect When Purchasing A Piano?

piano-buyingPianos are exquisite musical instruments and depending on which brand and model you purchase, you can easily spend a small fortune. When it comes to a huge purchase, such as a piano, it is important to know the different warranties on offer with your investment. There are typically two types of warranties – manufacturer and distributor.

Manufacturer and Distributor’s Warranty

Each piano comes with its own warranty, but each warranty is designed differently. When you shop for a piano, you should find out what business entity is warranting the instrument. The manufacturer or distributor issues piano warranties to you. Given that most pianos are manufactured offshore, it is normally easier to deal with a distributor than with the manufacturer.

Some warranties last up to 10 years, while others expire after 5 years. A manufacturer’s warranty normally covers any defects found in materials or workmanship. However, warranties do differ, so when you buy a piano, make sure that you ask the salesperson for the accurate details. Find out what the warranty covers and does not cover.

Where to Buy a Pianobuying-a-piano-3

If you were looking to buy a piano, I would recommend that you conduct as much research as possible before you start shopping for one. Determine the type of piano that meets your music requirements and from thereon, learn about the different brands and models. Each brand, such as Yamaha, Steinway & Sons, and Kawai offers different features. Therefore, you need to ensure you choose the right one.

The best place to buy a piano is from a reputable piano dealer. You can search online for names of reputable piano dealers in your area or ask your friends or colleagues for some recommendations. If you decide to buy online, it is best to read customer reviews first, or visit some reputable piano forums. You will find numerous threads about buying the right piano, the best brands, according to customers’ ratings, and information that is much more useful.
I recommend that you do not make a hasty decision when purchasing a piano. Take the time to visit a piano dealer and test every piano that interests you. If you are new at playing the instrument, ask the salesperson to play a piece for you. On the other hand, you can bring an experienced RPT to test the piano for you. This is especially important if you are considering a second hand unit. Bear in mind that if you choose to buy a second hand piano, the warranty will normally be from the piano dealer and it may last up to 5 years.

Do you think it is important to learn about a piano warranty before buying it?

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