Top 3 Reasons To Choose A Schimmel Piano

My store has a variety of Schimmel pianos and the grand Schimmel seems to be a Schimmel pianofavorite among those who visit the store regularly. Recently, a purchaser came back to let me know that his daughter was overly thrilled with the new piano that he bought from me. I must say that it is definitely satisfying when my customers are happy with their purchase. There are many reasons why a large number of people love Schimmel pianos. Hereafter, you will learn three of the main reasons why they love this specific brand:

Reason #1 – Concert pianists and journalists from every continent are known to take part in numerous piano tests, for instance, the Pianiste, Le Monde de la Musique, and the Diapason, just to name a few, to rate and to choose which Schimmel pianos deserve to win accolades and awards. Annually, through various tests, these accolades and awards are presented to a number of piano brands to let people know that the pianos are internationally acclaimed by connoisseurs and professionals from all over the world.

Reason #2
– Every piano from Schimmel Co. looks to its traditions and family secrets to make sure that the quality of each piano stays the same. As technology advances, the company continues to incorporate new technology to its conventional pianos, so that they stay on top. I can assure you that if you are a new piano player, you will not be disappointed with your purchase of any type of Schimmel piano.

Reason #3 – Each piano is made from the highest quality materials. To construct remarkable harmony, touch, and sound, Schimmel Co. merges exceptional keyboard-action assemblies, R&D, woodwork, and sound-producing portions. Every Schimmel piano that a person plays will surprise him, because each piano emits a sonorous sound and offers amazing touch response.

Until this day, Schimmel Co. continues to manufacture its pianos with the utmost passion, innovation, and technical brilliance. I played a few Schimmel pianos in the past, and only a few months ago, I played the most recent models and I am pleased to say that the brand just keeps getting better and more superior over time.

For beginners who are looking at buying a piano, I would definitely recommend a Schimmel Schimmelpiano. It is important that you purchase a piano from prominent piano dealers in your area. You can search for a dealer by using the Internet or you can ask for reliable recommendations from family and friends. I would advise that you do some background checks on these dealers first before you decide to visit their store in person. You should seriously consider hiring a Registered Piano Technician to visit the store with you, so that he can determine if the piano is worth buying. This is especially essential if you are very interested in buying a secondhand Schimmel piano.

As I mentioned early in my post, my store carries Schimmel pianos that range from a grand to an upright piano. It is open 7 days a week and you are more than welcome to visit my store at any time. I encourage my customers to test the pianos before they purchase it and I fully believe that by testing several different pianos, it will make it easier to make a final decision.

If you live outside my town, you can visit my website to browse the many pianos my store has to offer. My store uses one of the best piano movers in town and they have more than a decade of experience in transporting pianos.

Do you think it is ideal to buy a secondhand Schimmel piano?  

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