Tips for Choosing the Right Piano Bench

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Often, the piano bench is nearly as important as the piano itself. It is not uncommon for professional piano players to spend four or five hours a day practicing and when a big event is in the works, more than that. It is this factor that makes it necessary to choose the right piano bench so that your endeavor can be as comfortable and as successful as possible. There are five factors to consider when purchasing a bench and they are as follows.

Posture and Ergonomics

  • Posture is a great deal of any piano players success as it gives you access to necessary keys, proper range of motion, and can make playing more comfortable and enjoyable. When choosing a bench you should look for one that encourages good posture but that is still comfortable and easy to use. A bench that does not encourage good posture can end up causing back pain, wrist and neck pain, and can make playing wholly unenjoyable.

Type of Bench

  • You will need also to consider what type of bench you are going to buy. Generally, there are two types, foldable and adjustable. Foldable benches are those that can be stored away and taken from in front of the piano when not in use. Adjustable benches are best for those that may not be fully grown in to their piano, for instance, a child or teenager that is still growing and that may need to lower or raise the height of the bench. You can also purchase duet benches, benches with storage, and even heavy duty benches for those that are planning on spending a great deal of time using them.

Cushion Thickness

  • This is another consideration that is more important than you might imagine. You will want to choose a bench with enough thickness that you will be comfortable but not so much that it will compromise the way that the bench sits for a long period of time. Benches that are too thick can often get worn and become uncomfortable faster than those with thinner cushions. Also, thicker cushions tend to discourage proper posture which can again cause back pain and other issue.

Body Material

  • The next consideration you need to make is what body material you want your bench to be. Wood is the most common and often wooden benches are made of sturdy, thick wood to help promote a longer life of the bench. You can also get metal benches, these are often folding, and other materials as well. The body material will affect how long the bench lasts, how it looks, and how well it sits when in use.

Overall Look and Extras

  • Some benches come with detailing that makes them more ornate while others are plain and simple. You will need to decide if you want a plain piano bench or if you want something that is a bit more intricate or that perhaps has an included storage bench. This will of course affect the overall cost as well as how much you end up liking your bench.

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