The Risks Of Buying A Used Piano

Careful When Buying a Used Piano

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The piano is one of the most popular instruments out there. It teaches students to read music in two separate clefts across the largest range of any instrument in more keys than any instrument. Unfortunately, this classic instrument is also one of the most expensive instruments available. This prompts people to consider purchasing a used piano. Far cheaper than a brand new grand piano, this can save people thousands of dollars. Unfortunately, purchasing a piano also comes with a myriad of risks associated with this purchase. Read below to learn about some points of caution to be aware of when looking for used pianos.


  • Use extreme caution with Craigslist


Craigslist is one of the first sites people go to when looking to save money on expensive items. Used for a wide array of purchases, from computers to cars and even more eclectic purchases, people both sell and buy items on Craigslist. Unfortunately, purchasing a used piano on Craigslist carries major risks. It is impossible to be fully aware of what you’re getting off of Craigslist. The piano may have flood damage, broken, keys, or overt lies associated with who made it and how long ago. Be careful with this site.


  • Extreme restoration costs


Used items just aren’t as good as new items. This is a fact. When purchasing a used piano, this is as true as any other expensive purchase. In order to get the piano in solid playing condition again, this may require some major restoration costs. Potential keys and strings may need replacing. The wood may be damaged. The pedals may be broken. Regardless of the problem, the money saved on purchasing a piano used may be exceeded by the money spent restoring the piano. Consider this before making that piano purchase. You may be opening your wallet multiple times.


  • The damage associated with the piano


The money spent restoring the piano is dependent on how much damage is associated with the piano. Keep your eyes open for chipped and worn keys. Make sure you sit down and try the keys because if the keys are worn or rounded from use your fingers may end up sliding off. Worse, the keys may not even play when struck. Ensure all of the keys are working. Check the dampener, sustain, and sostenuto pedals to ensure all are working properly. Make sure the back opens and closes the way it’s supposed to. Make sure you’re fully educated on what you’re about to buy.


  • The hidden costs


Restoration and damage costs are up front with the piano. Hopefully you know this before purchasing it. The hidden costs come down the road. Used pianos are bound to have items and accessories break faster than new pianos. While you may not have any restoration and damage costs up front, it’s bound to break quicker than a new piano. Make sure you remember this before making the piano purchase. It’s something you should be prepared to deal with sooner rather than later.

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