The Best Way to Remember Piano Notes

The piano creates some of the most beautiful music in the world. So, it comes to no surprise that learning to play the piano is a goal shared by millions of people, nationwide. Additionally, there are a lot of people that never achieve this goal because they are intimidated and feel that it would be very difficult to learn how to play such a fine instrument. Luckily, there are steps and processes that can aid in memorizing the piano keys. Here are some proven methods that can guide any newbie.

Get to Know the Piano

Knowing how a piano is made and how it works is essential to becoming a good piano player. It is equally important to know the inside of the piano as well as the outside. Having a good education on what it takes to assemble a piano as well as what it takes for the instrument to make its unique sounds is crucial to being a good piano player. Knowing how the piano keys are made, how to identify each key and its dedicated sound for each key is highly essential to memorizing those piano keys accurately. That is why it is advisable to always get to know the instrument first versus jumping in head first.

Get to Know the Alphabet

The alphabet that is referred to here is not the A B C’s we learn in grade school; the alphabet being referred to here is called the music alphabet. Moreover, knowing the music alphabet is crucial to memorizing the piano in terms of placement and sound. The music alphabet runs almost the same as the everyday alphabet we all learn in our early years of school. The music alphabet starts with the letter A but ends at the letter G instead of the letter Z.


Additionally, it is helpful to remember that the letter A always comes after the letter G, in regards to where keys are located. The A Thru G pattern simply repeats itself so it is common to have two of every key. When the same two keys are being pressed, that will produce a sound commonly known as an octave. It is also beneficial to remember to always start with the letter D, this will provide a way to read the keys correctly.


In conclusion, learning the best way to remember piano notes starts with learning the basic operation of a piano. Getting familiarized with as many aspects of this instrument will only prove to be beneficial to the end results. Allow yourself plenty of time to get comfortable with where each piano key is and what sound each key makes, and even how two notes sound when played together.

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