The 5 Best Piano Brands For Children

There are many piano brands on the market today and countless more diverse opinions can bebest piano found from various “experts”, as to which brand is the best, especially for children. Several people believe that the best piano depends largely on where it came from, while others say it is the price that determines a piano’s true value. For me personally, it all depends on what you and your child really wants from the piano. From my experience and moat customers’ preferences, here are the top five best piano brands for children:

Steinway & Sons

Steinway & Sons have received many awards and accolades to date from Paris, New York, and various other institutions for their quality pianos, and today, their products continue to exceed all standards in the piano market. A German immigrant named Henry Steinway founded the company in New York City (1853). Besides the extravagant brand, Steinway & Sons also produce and market budget brands, such as Essex (entry-level market) and Boston (mid level market).

Essex and Boston pianos are fashioned utilizing the most cost-effective labor and materials. These two brands are constructed with Steinway-owned designs and are manufactured in Asia. Only Steinway marketers are authorized to carry pianos with the Essex and Boston names.


In America, Baldwin is one of the largest piano makers and Dwight Hamilton Baldwin of Cincinnati in 1862 founded the well-known company. Baldwin’s pianos are known for their detailed artisanship and standout quality. Years later, the company moved to Nashville, Tennessee and they have produced numerous horizontal and vertical pianos over the years.

You can also find quality keyboards from this particular brand, which are extremely popular with young piano lovers. Most of my clients who bought a Baldwin piano have nothing but good things to say about them. The pianos have touch-sensitive keys and an immaculate exterior. Many parents find a Baldwin piano to be suitable for their children, especially at a beginners level.


Originally, the company was called Nippon Gakki, but in 1987, it was changed to Yamaha. Mr. Tarakusu founded the brand and educated people who wished to play the musical instrument. Yamaha has a wide variety of pianos, for instance grand, upright, premium, silent, digital, and even portable keyboards. This wide variety offered is one reason for their huge popularity. Due to its worldwide reputation, most parents prefer this brand when it comes to buying a piano for their children. The digital pianos are known for their extraordinarily wholesome sounds that are akin to acoustic pianos.

Mason and HamlinMason and Hamlin

The Mason and Hamlin Company come from Haverhill, Massachusetts and the Company has been producing pianos since 1854. Their pianos have an extremely high value in quality, and as with other piano brands; Mason and Hamlin produce vertical and horizontal pianos. Some of the top piano schools use this brand to teach their students to play the instrument. In 1996, Burgett, Inc obtained Mason and Hamlin, and continue to manufacture the musical instrument until this day.


This brand is most preferred by individuals who perform in concerts and play in recording studios. Parents with children who show immense talent in piano playing normally seek this particular brand. Bechstein was built in 1853 and located in Germany. During WW1 and WW2, Bechstein suffered enormous losses, but managed to make a huge comeback later on. Popular names, for example Elton John, The Beatles, and Freddy Mercury are known to have played this brand.

Whichever piano brand you decide to buy, it is imperative that you make sure with your child if he or she is interested in that specific. Test all the pianos before making your final decision and ensure that you purchase from a trustworthy piano dealer.

What other well-known piano brands have you heard of?

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