Steinway Grand Piano Models

Piano’s are just beautiful instruments to listen to when they are played by someone familiar with how to tickle those ivories, and when someone strokes the ivories of a Steinway piano… the quality of sound that is Steinway Grand Pianoproduced by one of the world most recognized names in piano manufacturing is second to none.

Maybe that’s the reason why solo artists such as Harry Connick Jr. Diana Krall and Cole Porter have all played and composed music on a Steinway. If you are seriously considering purchasing a new piano, then a Steinway Grand Piano is the only choice you should be considering.

There are several different Steinway Grand pianos to choose from and they all deliver a quality of sound that is unprecedented, and that makes your choice a bit tough. A few of the models to select from include the following:

The Music Room Grand-this piano comes in several finishes including a Satin Ebony finish and also in the Satin Lustre finish are the Dark Cherry, Walnut and the East Indian Rosewood.

chippendale pianoThe Living Room Grand– this piano measures in at 5’ 10 3/4 inches and it offers to listeners a sound that is very warm and rich.

The Chippendale-here is a Steinway piano model that is distinctively different from all other piano and owes much to the craftsmanship of the 18th century master cabinetmaker from England. The finishes available for this model are Mahogany and Walnut in the Satin Lustre finish.

Each Steinway piano is crafted using only the choosiest of materials including:

  • Hard Rock Maple for the Rim.
  • Ribs that are made only from the best Sugar Pine for constantly strong support.
  • Keys that are made from Bavarian spruce, and are stain resistant and also chip proof.

These are just a few of the features that make owning a Steinway piano an investment in superlative sound quality, and craftsmanship that just is not found in lesser quality pianos.







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