Should I Refinish My Piano Myself?

piano moversRefurnishing My Piano

The choice to restore your used piano instead of buying a brand new one can save money for you and your family. However, restoring a piano can be a tedious challenge that is best entrusted to a restoration professional. When you choose Cooper Piano’s restoration professionals to handle the job, you are guaranteed the finest quality restorative services available.

The Cooper Piano Approach

The Cooper Piano restorative art is not some run of the mill cosmetic cover-up. We all appreciate the delicate process that makes a used piano a beautiful, and fully functional piece once again. By using the finest materials and the most exacting standards possible, Cooper Piano’s restoration process can even include the creation and replacement of the original soundboard and pin block. As an additional and rare service, our skilled technicians are always available to custom voice the instrument after it is delivered to your home to assure compatibility with its acoustic environment. We also take both partial restoration jobs and full restoration jobs to fit your needs.  No job is too big or too small for Cooper Piano.



At Cooper Piano, each piano is carefully delivered to our facilities by piano moving professionals, where experienced technicians and restoration artists masterfully restore the piece to former glory.

Where do I start?

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