Schimmel Pianos vs Steinway Pianos

Choosing your grand piano depends a lot on what kind of piano player you are and what Steinway pianomusical tones you prefer. Each piano maker crafts a different product with different advantages for each variety of player. But even with differences and personal preferences, some piano brands stand out as exceptional products, no matter who sits behind the keyboard.

Customers routinely ask about the differences between a Steinway piano and a Schimmel piano. Both are quality instruments. Steinway has been making pianos in the United States since the late 1850s and the name Steinway has become synonymous with quality. It’s also a name connected to price and Steinways do cost more than other pianos of equal quality. With a Steinway purchase, you can feel confident in the quality of your piano and earn some bragging rights among your friends. 

A Schimmel piano is also a high quality, enduring instrument. The Schimmel tradition started in Germany and by the 1950s, the pianos had become the German standard. Pianists came to value the technique, tone and forms of the Schimmel brand. 

The Schimmel company continues to foster innovaSchimmel companytions in piano technology including the development of CAPE (Computer Assisted Piano Engineering) software. This software allows for precision adjustments to the piano’s sounding body resulting in superior sound and a lasting tonal quality and tuning stability.

Buying a piano represents a major investment. Most pianists buy just one piano in their entire life and so you want to choose the best piano you can buy. But just because something is expensive, doesn’t make it the best. Yes, a Steinway piano is a quality instrument. However, Schimmel pianos in many regards equal or surpass their American counterparts. Before you buy a big brand name, make sure you take the time to learn about other, high quality and lasting instruments, like the Schimmel brand.      

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