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player pianoIs your Player Piano upgrade overdue?

Player piano upgrades are an essential service that should be scheduled regularly to keep your piano playing strong throughout its lifetime. Having a factory trained technician who is certified in player piano systems will help to ensure that repairs and adjustments are done properly. Whether your piano is playing out of tune or too loud, there are measures that can be taken to keep your piano working properly for you and your family.

When it comes time for that upgrade, the only place you need to call is Cooper Piano. They employ only the top certified and professionally trained technicians that will always have your best interests at heart. For over 100 years they have provided top notch service and expertise on all types of pianos and accessories and they believe that purchasing a piano is a once in a lifetime opportunity that should be cherished and shared with the entire family. Maintaining your player piano with Cooper Piano’s satisfaction guaranteed upgrade will allow many years of wonderful memories for the entire family.

Player Piano upgrade features
As with any instrument, over time it can become worn down or have electrical or other issues arise with it. Taking care of these issues as they occur can help to ensure that they do not turn into bigger issues or cause other components to malfunction and operate inefficiently. A piano is a finely tuned piece of equipment that needs to be taken care of properly in order to play and sound like it did the day you bought it.
If your car was blinking lights on the dashboard, you would take it in to your local mechanic to resolve the complications. Think of us as your player pianos mechanic and they are there to help fine tune your instrument.
Upgrades can help with sound quality, tone quality, and electrical issues. But there are many other benefits to having your upgrade done by Cooper Piano, such as:

  • Playback control including more dynamic range

  • Web interface that allows for connecting on any WiFi devices

  • Thumbstick and remote music on a stick

  • Interfacing with the system with three methodscooper piano

  • Easy connection to older generation systems

  • Pedal control

  • Immediate purchases on Music Now

  • Access to over 300 free songs

Your piano is an important part of your family’s culture and entertainment, so  why would you settle for anything less than perfection when it comes to the care of it? Upgrades can help to keep the sound and integrity of your piano running at optimum efficiency.
There are many advantages to why Cooper is the only way to go when it comes time for your Player Piano upgrade. No matter what type of player piano you play on, We have a professional staff that knows how to service all makes and models and will do so to your utmost satisfaction.
When you are ready to have your piano upgraded, contact the friendly and professional representatives at Cooper Piano and see why they are the leader in the industry.





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