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Pianos For Sale AtlantaBuying a piano can be one of the most exciting and fulfilling purchases you’ll ever make in your life. If you choose well, you’ll be bringing home a finely-crafted instrument that won’t just make beautiful music, but will be part of your legacy, passed on through generations. The problem is knowing where to start.

If you’re looking for a piano for sale Atlanta location, it’s vitally important to pick reputable piano dealers. Like buying a car, this is a major purchase, but unfortunately also like buying a car, there are better and worse places to visit.

So, for those seeking a piano for sale Atlanta store, we’ve put together a quick guide for things to look for to know you’ve found a dealer you can trust.

Piano For Sale Atlanta Georgia Guide to Quality

  • Look for specialists. There are a lot of music stores in the area, and most of them are the sort of all-purpose stores that mostly cater to high school music students and garage bands. There are saxophones, trumpets, synthesizers, drums, oh, and a few pianos too. While plenty of these dealers are quite good at what they do, if you want a range of pianos accompanied by a knowledgeable staff, you want a piano store that only deals in pianos.

  • Look for a long history. Pianos have existed for hundreds of yearpiano for sales, and while innovations in the industry do sometimes come, they come slowly. Steinway, for example, still makes their pianos in much the same way they did a hundred years ago. This is an area where a dealer with a long history, such as a family-owned shop, can be a boon. They’ve spent their lives dealing with pianos and know them intimately.

  • Look for servicing options. Not all piano dealers, especially those all-purpose shops I mentioned above, know how to service and repair pianos. It will help your peace of mind significantly knowing that the same people who sold you your piano will also be able to come look at it should problems occur. Every piano is unique, and the more familiar the repair-people are with your specific piano, the better the repairs will be.

  • Look for moving and setup experience. One issue with piano ownership that many new buyers overlook is the simple matter of getting it home. If you pick up a piano at a school sale, you’re probably on your own getting it home safely, and then tuning it afterwards. Finding a dealer who also does transportation will make your purchase far more pleasurable, and will lead to you being able to play your new piano that much more quickly.

  • Look for a commitment to learning. If you really want to see what separates those shops that are truly passPiano Dealersionate about pianos from all the rest, look for those who advertise and offer piano lessons. These shops are not simply in it for the money. They’re also doing it for the love of the instrument and a desire to spread that love among more people.

Anyone who’s looking for a piano for sale is in for an intense experience. Do your research beforehand, and find a reputable dealer, to make your piano shopping as pleasant and productive as possible.

What great experiences have you had with an Atlanta-area piano dealer?  





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