Piano Teacher: Diane Durrett

pianoUnlike the classroom, where my son or daughter is assigned a teacher by an administrator, the responsibility for getting the best piano lessons Atlanta is mine alone. If I choose well, my child could develop a love of music, and a useful logical reasoning ability. If I choose poorly, I could unwittingly foster an aversion to music and culture, in general.  

Apparently, the people at Cooper Piano received my “wish list,” and were as concerned about my choosing the right piano teacher and music curriculum as they were about the piano itself. They recommended Diane Durrett, a faculty member of the Peggy Still School of Music, and encouraged me to research both the piano teacher and the music school. I took that advice, and learned that while Ms. Durrett is a highly respected teacher, she is also a well-known performer and composer, having collaborated with luminaries such as Sting and Tina Turner. A perfunctory search for her music online turned up 38 downloadable songs and her memoir, Driving Music City, which chronicles her experiences as a limousine driver before receiving her “big break.”

piano lessons atlanta

When researching the Peggy Still School of Music, I learned that its founder, Peggy Still Johnson, continues to teach, perform and compose, while presiding over three separate campuses. Hundreds of alumni and graduates have achieved their goals, ranging from personal fulfillment to the Broadway stage, the professional recording studio, and the orchestra pit.
My final concern was choosing the right piano. I felt secure, knowing that Cooper Piano has been providing instruments to piano students and music professionals for four generations.
I want my children to look forward to sitting at the piano to practice, in anticipation of enjoying their lessons and achieving their goals. With the help of piano teacher Diane Durrett, the Peggy Still School of Music, and the right instrument from Cooper Piano, I believe it will happen!

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