Piano Repair, It’s More Affordable Than You’d Think

A majority of piano owners do not realize how important it is to make sure their musical piano repairinstruments are properly repaired and tuned as the years go by. To ensure that your piano performs at its best, you need regular piano tuning and general maintenance. People who are working around a tight budget will normally buy used pianos, given that buying a new unit entails a bigger investment. In this case, Piano Repair is considered necessary, because older or used pianos tend to have severe damages if previous owners did not take care of them.

Average Cost of Piano Repairing and Tuning

On average, the cost of standard piano tunings is around $100 to $200, whereby common Piano Repair can cost between $750 and $2,500 depending on what needs to be repaired. Even though the amount can increase, it is still affordable even for those who are on a limited budget. Every time a client asks about piano tuning or repairing, I always advise him or her to hire a highly trained and qualified technician. It will be counterproductive to hire your next-door neighbor even if he plays the piano brilliantly, because he does not have the right tools and expertise. Therefore, he might ruin your piano instead of fixing it and that risk should not be taken.

Hire a Piano Technician as Soon as Possible

As soon as you hear something is not right with your piano, I advise you to hire the professional services a technician instantaneously. If you fail to get it repaired immediately, the condition of your piano will worsen. A qualified technician can repair it to ensure it emits the sounds it should and by taking proper care of your musical instrument, it can last a lifetime. A large number of piano owners insist that their pianos get retuned at least twice a year, so that they are always in top condition. Given that most pianos are passed down from one generation to the next, it is essential to get them retuned frequently.

Hire an Affordable, but Highly Experienced Piano Technician

In view of the fact that normal piano repair is definitely important, it should be carried out by a professional and it should be done at the very least once a year. Although you may have learned a number of things about fine-tuning a piano, you should avoid repairing it yourself. I cannot say enough concerning the importance of hiring an expert to tune and repair your musical instrument. To hire a professional means that he is able to find other things that might be wrong with your unit, which anyone who is not properly trained will never be able to point out.piano tuning

In order to find affordable piano technicians, you can begin by asking local piano dealers or friends for a few reliable references. Otherwise, you can search the Internet for reputable technicians in your neighborhood. My advice is that you hire one who has at least five years of experience in the fine-tuning and repairing of pianos. One of the best things about using the Internet is that you can compare prices of various technicians, thus making it easier to make a final decision. However, keep in mind that cheaper does not necessarily means the best. Always check the company’s background meticulously before you hire them.

Time Spent on Tuning and Repairing Pianos

Typically, it takes about one to three hours to tune a piano and anything less means the technician is not doing a great job. Suitable and specialist Piano Repair will take longer depending on the severity of the musical instrument’s general condition.

Would you hire a technician simply because his fees are below average?

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