Piano Music and A Growing Church Ministry

pianos atlantaRemembering the Tune of a Piano

Many of us probably have memories of growing up hearing the piano played in church: the melodic sounds reverberating throughout the hall in the form of an extravagant prelude, or perhaps a hymn, solo or the postlude following the benediction. Nowadays we might often hear piano music in the form of jazz or easy listening (think Michael Buble) or the famous pieces of composer & pianist Elton John.

grand piano mHowever, associating piano music with church is not merely a memory of the past! Pianos and piano music are still a vibrant and extremely successful part of growing church ministries, even as ministries have continued to change and have taken on a new role in today’s society. The reality is that the piano was and remains a vital instrument in all types of music and is useful before a variety of audiences. In particular, the Christian music industry has maintained a solid repertoire of piano music or great pieces headlining the piano. And indeed, whether it be a modern digital keyboard or a traditional grand piano, pianos are still a staple piece of church services and ministries.

piano player   Pianos Atlanta

Here in Atlanta alone, there is good demand for pianists to work in church ministries. Music is still one of the primary ways to reach others, and especially churches still have music at the heart of the ministry. Whether singing children’s songs with the kids on Sunday morning, or reaching out to others like the elderly in Atlanta with music, or simply lifting spirits, pianos are a great tool in church ministry. Atlanta boasts some great church ministries that credit part of their success to their great gospel choir and piano music ministry. People love great music!

Playing piano and understanding piano music is the foundation and a great stepping stone for expanding one’s musical talents. Think about it: guitars still tune themselves to notes of the piano keys! Listening to and learning to play the piano has also been proven to stimulate the brain. The bottom line: whether your 40 or 4, grand pianos and upright pianos can be enjoyed for being useful and diverse instruments…not to mention is easy to learn and a once in a lifetime purchase.


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