Piano Lessons Teach Life Lessons

grand-piano-72I started playing piano at a very young age. From learning to play and as time went by, it dawned on me that I learned plenty of life lessons through my piano lessons.

The following is a list of life lessons that I learned throughout my years of learning to play the exquisite instrument:

If you set your mind on something, you can definitely do anything

Nothing is impossible; that is what I learned through my piano lessons. I won’t lie and tell you that learning to play piano in the beginning was breezy. It was not, but I set my mind on learning and within a few months, I was playing like a professional (or I would like to think that I did!).

Also, I had a hard time performing in front of a huge audience, but I learned to get over my fear, and now, I always look forward to performing for my family and friends. In fact, I would find reasons to perform at any time and day.

In order to achieve goals, small sacrifices need to be made

As I mentioned above, learning to play the instrument was not an easy task. It requires a lot of hours of practice, plenty of discipline, focus, and also, you need to work through your frustrations. When I was learning to play piano, I had to sacrifice hours of TV and even time spent to play with my friends.

Through this, I learned that most of the things that I wanted (I still want) in life are not easily attainable. However, if I keep working hard, and understand what it is I am working hard towards, then I know I will get there. If you keep your eyes on what you want in life, those small sacrifices you have to make will overshadow by the amazing feeling that comes with achieving your goals.

Enhanced critical thinking; survey the situation before proceeding

When learning a new piece, prior to even putting your fingers on the piano keys, it is imperative that you analyze certain things in regards to playing piano. What key is that piece in? What is the tempo? And of course, many more. This can be applied to your life when you need to make an important decision. Gather the facts, analyze them, make a proper plan, and then, proceed.

Do you think there are other musical instruments that allow you to obtain life lessons through playing them?


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