Piano Dealers And The Recession

We’ve all felt the hurt from this recession economy–it has been pretty difficult for most, and for others a hard recovery. HowevePiano Dealersr, things are slowly and surely getting better, which allows us to enjoy the nicer things in life. One, for example, is the joy of music. Musical instruments can get expensive, but, they are a once in a lifetime purchase that can be handed down to each generation, allowing for it to be experienced and loved again and again. One of those purchases can be a piano.

Piano dealers have felt the hurt from the recession, but, that doesn’t mean it is completely becoming obsolete to invest in a piano. Children in the family who are interested in music can experience the lifetime joy of having a piano to practice and play on–and who knows, they might go on to become instructors, professional musicians, or even piano dealers themselves!

At Cooper Music, there is a definite agreement that playing and owning a piano is a lifetime investment. It is a skill that can be passed on to the children and grandchildren, it is a gathering spot for Holiday carols and family gatherings, and it is a instrument of inspiration. And most of all, buying a piano doesn’t have to be complicated or a headache-inducing experience.

What can Cooper Music provide?

  • A full-service shop in the Atlanta area; from tuning and repair to moving and storage, and even piano lessons and restoration of family heirloom pianos. Whatever you need, Cooper Music can help you get the most out of your current piano (or future piano!).

  • Pianos range from digital to vintage, allowing for all sorts of interested families to come in and choose the perfect family for them. Do you need a timeless grand piano, or perhaps something a little smaller and digital? No problem, we’ve got you covered!cooper music

  • Even if you’re hesitant about buying a piano right now, we do offer rental services as there is no obligation and hundreds of models to choose from. Or, if you’re hosting a special event, rent out the right piano for that elevated atmosphere.

  • Cooper Music has a sort of credo that all the staff follows: We want to build a better world through music education. Whether that’s a ten minute talk about different brand or full on lessons, everyone should be able to enjoy music without having to be a music snob.

Though the economy has been tough, piano dealers are still a very important piece of the whole music puzzle, especially if you’re interested in buying a piano to learn or let your kids start learning. Practice makes perfect and the tools of the trade need to be readily available in order to really appreciate learning piano!

Come down and talk to your friendly local piano dealer at Cooper Music and start creating great memories through music. Even though the recession has been tough, there is always time and options to start instilling a love of music–and piano playing–in your kids or grandchildren, and we at Cooper Music want to help.

Have you thought about purchasing or renting a piano? What about taking up lessons? Let us know about your best piano memories and wishes in the comments!






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