Piano 300 History

For three centuries, pianos have been a very important part of music and many peoples lives. From loving the art form to actually playing, they continue to be very integral in music, although the instrument has seen many changes, developments, and innovations over the last 300 years! And fortunately, the piano will only continue to bring joy to people and be around for another 300 years to come.

A Rich History of Music
piano-300A very interesting exhibit that was at the National Museum of American History Smithsonian Institute throughout 2000 and 2001 was the very vivid history of the instrument, called Piano 300. Showcasing hundreds of grands, uprights, keyboards, organs, and other instruments within the family, the exhibit celebrated 300 years of the craftsmanship and ingenuity, as well as an enjoyment and passion for the music and instrument itself. Although the exhibit is no longer around, there are still ways to enjoy this line of great instruments.

Being A Part Of History
That happens to be a perfectly timed excuse to purchase one for your family! Whether you’re a grandparent looking for that ultimate gift for the grandkids, or even a parent wanting to bring music into the lives of their children, this instrument is a perfect companion to get started in learning about music and making music. It also happens to be a great gateway to other instruments, like guitar or even violin. 

Although, trying to buy one for the first time can be a bit daunting. I know
when I first purchased mine, there were so many questions I had: what kind is the best for me? Where do they have the best prices? Why is there a difference in tone between different manufacturers?

Of course, experts in the field who work at retailers can help with all of these questions. They can also help with all of your training for yourself or your family, since most stores have practice facilities where there are both one-to-one and group sessions to learn all about reading music and the history of this great instrument. However, what if you want something extra special? Perhaps a bit of history with a vintage piano?

Buying A Part Of History
Finding vintage anything can be difficult, especially when you want that
piano-history something to be in great condition for a reasonable price. Most Atlanta retailers in the area will want you to pay thousands of dollars for vintage pianos, even for newer models like keyboards (depending on what company created it). Sales and even asking to reduce the price can help, although be ready to pay top dollar for something so exquisite. However, the money will be well spent for something that can stay in the family for many generations.

It is also a commitment of learning to play or rekindling that urge to play once more, as well as upkeep and maintenance. But, the endless entertainment and joy is a great return on investment! A piano stays with a family for a very long time, even my own continues to be played by the kids and extended relatives who visit alike.

Would you rather have a piece of history with a vintage piano or something newer?

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