Petrof Piano chosen over Yamaha Piano

petrof grand piano 01Yamaha makes motorcycles, stereos, and stereo equipment, many think that the Yamaha Piano is the best quality.  However, in discriminating circles of audio and musical reproduction, the ‘Pasat’ model P210 Petrof Piano was chosen for the Axpona 2011 event in Atlanta. 

The high end audio companies at the Axpona(Audio Expo North America) 2011 displayed their best equipment at the event showing off their crown jewels.  The Petrof piano performance came off crystal clear through the "Daniel Hertz" Mark Levinson speakers manufactured by Petrof Piano.  For those that may not know, these speakers retail for $200,000 per the pair.  You can only imagine how this wonderful piano sounded. 

petrof upright pianoWhen you closed your eyes and listened to the Petrof piano, you could NOT hear the difference between the recording and the real piano. This music to the discerning ear, and there were quite a number in attendence, was wonderful.   Frederic Chopin would have been proud.  This was dream come true for the professional pianist and the audiance was simply delighted.  

We hope you come to next year’s event so that you can hear the most amazing music in an atmosphere that will make it come alive.

Blake Cooper of Cooper Music committed to come back next  year to help sponsor this event further expose music lovers to the fine Petrof Grand Piano tones.


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