Learning To Play On A Keyboard Piano – The Pros and Cons

learning to play pianoSo you’ve decided to learn to play piano, but you don’t have access to one. You’re thinking of making a purchase, but you don’t take the decision lightly. You know that buying a piano is an investment in your life, for your lifetime, so you’re thinking of spending some time with a keyboard piano first.

The keyboard piano is often a person’s first instrument; it’s a great way to come to an understanding of music theory, to learn to read music, and to play any genre of music you like.  And they’re a lot of fun – you or your child may decide to learn a favorite popular song, then find to your surprise that you’ve learned a great deal about basic chord structure in the meantime.

piano on a keyboardThe keyboard pianos available today offer a wide range of price and versatility. They’re ideal for apartment living, easily transported from one place to another, or set up permanently in their own space, politely waiting for you to sit down and start practicing.

But, there’s no substitute for the real thing. A piano has a much greater resale value than an electronic keyboard.  A piano is built to last a lifetime and often holds or increase in value over time.  A keyboard may have touch-sensitive keys that approach the feel of a piano, but when you get serious about tone and technique, you’ll find that you’re missing the touch and the resonance of a lovingly constructed acoustic instrument. Now, with some training behind you, you’re ready to start looking for the piano that’s right for you.

piano dealer You’ll want expert guidance in the search, and your local piano dealer will be happy to show you your options.  A well-qualified dealer will introduce you to a wide variety of instruments, and give you a chance to hear for yourself the delicate distinction of sound such as between an upright, a baby grand piano and a concert grand. Some dealers will have a rent-to-own policy, a selection of used pianos, and in-house support to move, tune, and maintain your instrument of choice.  The dealer will act as a guide to help you find a timeless piano that suits you and your family. Take the time to become acquainted with the one that you can love to play for the rest of your life.


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