Keyboard Learning And Playing Piano

playing pianoHave you ever thought about learning how to play the keyboard or piano? If so, you are not alone. It can be one of the most pleasurable hobbies you will ever take up. There are many reasons to learn a new hobby or craft, and playing piano has many great advantages in doing so. You can learn your favorite songs to impress your friends and family, or maybe you just want to have a better understanding of musical structure and theory. No matter what your reason is for wanting to learn how to play the piano, every reason is a beneficial one.

You can learn from books or by getting online and looking up any song, or you can take lessons either privately or in a group with others who share your passion for playing piano. The important part in the beginning is to maximize your efforts by practicing as much as you can and surrounding yourself with positive influences in order to keep your newfound passion thriving. You can even visit your local piano dealers for hints, tips and other ideas when it comes to learning your new hobby. In the Atlanta area, there is no better place to look for service and expertise than Cooper Piano.

The Peggy Still School Of Music has partnered up with us to bring you the ultimate experience in learning to play the piano. Their instructors will help you build our musical frame and show you how to apply it towards practical uses, all while making sure you benefit the most from your time with them. Some of those benefits are:Piano Dealers

  • Understanding song form – how to arrange intros, verses, choruses and bridges. 

  • Writing lyrics- how to put your thoughts on paper and make them work in a song.

  • Creating and adapting melodies – how to write melodies that flow and keep people listening. 

  • Building chord progressions- learn to use chords that complement and accentuate each other.

  • Creating catchy hooks- make listeners remember your song.

  • Collaborating – how to work with a writing partner or multiple musicians.

There are many benefits and rewards to be attained from playing piano. Stimulating your mind is perhaps the most important on the list, but there are also others. It is something you can learn at your own pace and Cooper even offers private lessons that will give you even more fuel to your learning fire.   








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