John Cooper’s First Big Piano Sale

In 1906 mornings at Cooper Music for John Cooper (18) included cleaning, furnace tending and washing windows in preparation for the day.. His Dad Johnathon and older brother Will would arrive later to greet the customers.


Early one day, as John arrived, a customer came
asking for a player piano prices. John demonstrated the best player in the store the customer said he would  buy it. The customer said he wanted to pay cash and have it delivered that day.

John called Shaw Livery for a wagon and team of horses, loaded the piano, drove to a mining town, Renton PA, with the customer, delivered the piano, COD for $2400. A good start on the day! Dad Johnathon would be proud.

piano prices

The next morning, the store ready, John picked up the Pittsburgh newspaper. Headline: RENTON BANK ROBBER CAPTURED. John was shocked. Who else in poor little Renton could have paid $2400 for a piano?

Johnathon felt duty bound to report the sale to the
G-men in Pittsburgh. They asked if Coopers could prove that the piano was paid for with stolen Bank money. Johathon said not really. The G-men asked Coopers to remain quiet and they would get back to them. The Coopers waited but never heard a word


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