It’s in the Research!: How the Piano Helps You Get More Out of Life

A well-known quote from Tom Lehrer goes something like this; “Life is like a piano. What you getpiano lessons out of it depends on how you play it” It literally translates to what you will get out of life depends largely on how well you play the musical instrument. To get the most out of a piano, you need to study and practice constantly. You will probably need to play fun music and basic skill drills. In fact, you need to play the fun and the boring bits!

Perfecting Things

Many piano players’ lives are comparatively like the abovementioned. As a child, I had to practice playing piano on a regular basis. My days were filled with lots of hours practicing various things that I already knew or were busy perfecting. Moreover, I was studying hard to learn new activities or things.

At the same time, I had to do plenty of stuff that was repetitive and mundane. My parents were frequently haranguing me to continue doing certain things, which were not always that pleasant, but I continued doing it. I must say, now, that I got a lot out of my life from playing piano, I realize it was all worth it.

If you or your child is willing to do whatever it takes, replicate it as frequently as necessary, and keep working to get something done better. You will certainly obtain a lot more out of life. Probably not precisely what you want, but definitely more than if, you had not put any effort into it.

Putting Forth Your Effort is Essential

Think about it – what do you expect to obtain from life if you do not put in any effort? As with the quote mentioned earlier, if you hardly put any effort into playing the musical instrument, what do you anticipate to get from it? Conceivably, you can figure out the notes to “The Ketchup Song” or “Put a Ring on It”, but nothing more than that. However, if you want to play Chopin, Beethoven, or Bach, without a doubt you will need to study hard. You need to practice hard every single day.

This may seem unbelievable to many people, but effort can take you farther than your natural piano lessonstalent alone could. Take all the professional sportsmen or musicians and their careers. Set aside any incidents, those who tend to work the hardest relatively often last longer compared to the ones with talent or no work ethic. The same could be said about my life, as well as yours.

Piano Helps You Obtain More from Life

From my observation, too many individuals out there today merely drift down life’s river. They simply go to where the currents take them. While this may be one’s lifestyle choice, it is a rather chaotic option for most people. People that fall in this category will probably get the most out of their lives from various things that may seem unusual to me or you, but what are their long-term goals?

There is no judgment here, but from my experience, if it were not for my piano lessons, I would not have been very focused, determined, and as disciplined as I am today. Furthermore, I noticed that many piano students express themselves better than their friends do, who do not take any musical lessons. Everything that you learn from playing piano, you can apply to other aspects of your life and you are furthermore able to achieve almost anything that you wish for.

Allocating a few hours of your time on the Internet will allow you to conduct your own research about the benefits of piano lessons. From there onward, it is entirely up to you to decide if you want to get the most out of life from playing piano.

What have you learned thus far from playing this particular musical instrument?

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