Is It Smart To Buy Used Pianos For Sale?

Do you know that buying one of the used pianos for sale is a great idea? Not a lot of people used piano for saleknow that it is a smart idea, mostly because they do not know what to look for and they are not well-educated about the benefits of a used piano. Friends and acquaintances who want to buy a piano come to me for advice, and I always recommend a secondhand item, especially if they are working around a tight budget.

Size definitely does matter – Yes, in this case, size plays a huge part because it determines the amount of money that you will be spending and the space that your home can afford. When it comes to the sound, the bigger the piano, the better the sound it emits. Thus, if you can allocate a huge space and your budget is rather big, then you should consider buying a secondhand grand piano. Otherwise, a sturdy and well-built vertical piano is ideal. A vertical piano normally has long bass strings and a 55” upright piano can emit a sonorous tonal quality similar to a small grand piano. Measure the size of your space before you shop for a piano.

Condition of the musical instrument – It would be a smart idea to find out the condition of the used pianos for sale before you buy it. Find out if it was tuned consistently, who used to play it, where it has been kept or played, and if it was well taken care of. Avoid buying it if it was stored in a barn, shed, or basement. In addition, it is a bad idea to purchase a used unit if it spent most of its time in an unheated or cooled area, or outside, because this usually means it will need a lot of repair work. Eventually, you will be spending more money than you planned to.

Even though the used pianos still hold their tune nicely, you might want to check if there are cracks in their soundboards and damages in the bridge. It is a well-known fact among piano technicians that a little rib tightening will make a lot of difference in terms of its structure and tonal quality. Piano ribs that are tightened are able to produce a rich tone akin to a piano that does not have any cracks.

Personal appeal – Although it is a used unit, it has to be pleasing to your eyes, ears, and used pianoheart. The first thing to look out for is the sound. It is always a smart move to play a few different tunes on the used piano first. Keep in mind that different people respond differently towards a particular musical instrument, as a result, you should choose the one that appeals the most to you. If you find that the used pianos for sale are not pleasing enough, do not let the owners make you feel otherwise. Stick to what your heart and head tell you.

The touch response of the piano – When you want to buy a secondhand unit, you need to make sure that the touch response is above average. You can make sure of this by playing every key, and if you feel any squishy touch response, then it means there is a problem with the piano. You should not feel any obstruction between you and the musical piano. While playing each key, look out for buzzes or rattles.

Will you consider buying used pianos for sale in your area?  


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