I have an old piano for sale – is it a valuable antique?

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So you have an old, out-of-tune piano that has been gathering dust for years. Maybe it was handed down to you by relatives, perhaps it came with the house, but now you’re wondering if you might have a valuable antique on your hands. The answer is maybe.

Finding the serial number

The first step to determining the worth of your used piano is gathering as much information about it as possible. To start, you will want to locate the serial number. There are several places a serial number may be inside the piano. Lift the lid on the top of the piano and examine the interior thoroughly. Once you locate the serial number, you can then have the piano appraised. There are a number of websites that can help you find this information, or you can contact a local piano seller.

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Condition of the Piano

Even if the serial number returns promising results, you need to take stock of the actual condition of your piano before putting out a "Piano for sale" sign. Here are the key factors you need to be mindful of:

  • Keyboard condition. Cracked, missing, or yellowed keys can put a serious dent in your asking price.

  • Pedals. Are they sticky or rusted? Do they go limp when pushed?

  • Wood damage. Even though the exterior can be re-finished, exterior damage to the wood of the piano can be a symptom of bigger problems inside.

  • Cracked soundboard.

piano technicians guildLoose legs can be an issue as well. It’s a simple matter to tighten the screws before you place the piano for sale, but don’t attempt any other repair work on your own, as you could cause further damage to the piano or even hurt yourself.

Consult the ExpertsTo truly determine the value of your piano it may be prudent to contact a qualified piano technician to evaluate the condition, age, and overall value of the instrument.  The technician will be able to make necessary repairs to ensure the piano is ready for sale. Additionally, a technician can give you a note of appraisal that will assist you in getting the best price when you place your piano for sale.


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