How To Get The Best Deal On A Baby Grand Piano, Atlanta

Buying a baby grand piano will be an enormous investment, but one that has many rewards. As such, here Baby Grand Pianoare some tips to ensure the process goes well.

The first is to decide whether to buy old or new. I would opt for new, because even though it’s more expensive, it’s less likely to break down and will provide more use over the long haul. While some music stores may sell second hand pianos, it’s a good bet to have a technician look them over before buying, that way they can determine if the item is in good condition.

Along with age, comparing brands is a great way to establish which baby grand piano is the best. There are many ways to make these comparisons. One is buy shopping online to see what each manufacturer offers for benefits, value and service. Further, it is ideal to seek out advice from those that own these pianos, as they can be an invaluable resource. 

Comparison shopping can also help determine how much these will cost. Having this figure is important because it makes it easier to budget for this new purchase. It is also ideal to save some extra on hand for any warranties the store may offer. 

Next, it’s time to contact local piano dealers to see if they have the specific model and its price. Many stores have websites, which makes it easier to browse inventory and find prices. It’s imperative to do research on each store, as it can help to determine their expertise, service and reputation.

One of the best ways to accomplish this is by reviewing the company online. I use websites like the Better Business Bureau and Angie’s List, as both are great in determining if the company has had a history of service issues. The Better Business Bureau is unique in that it assigns a grade to each business based on many factors including number of complaints and whether they have been resolved. Meanwhile, Angie’s List provides real customer feedback, that way it’s easy to trace if the business has a history of providing bad service.piano dealers

Next, it’s time to visit the stores and see the pianos in person. Be sure to take some time and look around at all of their selections. It’s also important to play each one to determine which has the best feel. In turn, this can make the buying process much better. 

Once a model is chosen, finding a way to get it home can be tricky. Due to their size, delivery of a baby grand piano can be expensive, therefore, be sure to account for this, unless there are other alternatives the store may provide. Further, be sure to ask about warranties for both labor and parts, as this can ensure the piano is covered if any problems arise.

While buying a piano can be a huge process, following these steps can make it much easier. In turn, this will provide more time to enjoy the new purchase and give you peace of mind in knowing you made the right decision. 

What are some tips you use when buying a piano?  



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