How To Find The Best Baby Grand Piano Prices

Recently our family decided to shop for a piano. This was a big decision and just what type wasBaby Grand Piano Prices important to us. So, we checked into baby grand piano prices a lot before we When I was growing up, we always had a piano and I learned to play as a child. While I do not play as proficiently as my mother does, I had missed it. Our daughter, has the potential to be quite good. She has been actively using her keyboard for the past two years. This was our most motivating force to purchase one now.

An Investment in Several Ways

My husband and I realized that this was not only an investment in a musical instrument and a fine piece of furniture, but also in our daughter’s future. We talked about an upright, but really like the sound that comes from a grand. A grand is just too large for our home, so we decided on a baby grand.

Some things we needed to take into consideration were:

•Size – since baby grand pianos do come in different sizes, we had to make sure that the one we were to purchase would fit in the spot we thought best for it.

•Tone – not all baby grand pianos have the same tone We wanted to listen to the few brands we were considering before we decided upon one.

•Aesthetics – since it is such a large investment and was to become a focal part of our living room, we did care very much about how the piano would look and match our home.

•Price, of course! Baby grand piano prices range from $8,000 up into the $20,000+ range. We knew we could not spend too much, but wanted a good one,

Price Comparison

We checked out baby grand piano prices online and at local piano stores. We talked a lot about buying from a private individual versus a dealer.

While some private instruments we found online and through newspapers were a tad less expensive than the dealer price, the cost of having one evaluated and then moved, actually brought the price higher than the dealer’s price. Through visiting a couple of dealers, we were able to compare different brands. We had been considering a used one, but because the one dealer we really liked was having a sale and we opted for a new one.

Our choice Baby Grand Piano

It is mahogany and looks stunning in our home. We chose a bench that seats two. Our dealer had it delivered to us quickly and safely, and it was properly tuned in our home.

We are very pleased with our purchase and so glad we took the time to properly research baby grand piano prices as well as where to purchase one.

I have started playing again myself and may decide to take some refresher courses. My mother drops by a bit more often now, though she has her own piano, she seems to want to play ours. So far, my husband and son are not too interested, although my husband takes pride in our piano as a piece of fine furniture. But, it has brought a little more family time to our home.

Wouldn’t you like a little more quality time with your family? The price of baby grand pianos is not in everyone‘s budget, but there is something about a piano that makes a house a home. Perhaps, an upright is more your style. What type of piano fits your home, family and budget?

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