How Playing Piano Generates Confidence

hero_Image_2Playing the piano can boost one’s confidence, which is why many parents send their kids to a music school to learn to play the instrument at an early age. Here are ways how playing the piano can boost confidence in other areas of your life:

During Piano Lessons

Some people feel shy or intimidated when the piano teacher is watching them. During piano lessons, piano teachers often look at their students’ demeanor. They will notice everything about you – your body movement, facial expressions, the nimbleness of your fingers, and even every time you bat your eyelids.

How generous your piano teacher is with you depends highly on how genuine you are when it comes to absorbing the contents of the piano lessons. It is advisable that you stay focused on what you do while playing the instrument. Listen carefully to your teacher when he teaches you and try to heed his advice.

Even if you are unable to do exactly as you are taught immediately, remember his exact words, and then, practice exactly as he told you to when you are at home. During your next lesson, be sure to show some improvements, especially since the last lesson. Having earned your teacher’s admiration and respect definitely has the effect of enhancing your confidence.

Identify the Technical Skillsatlanta-piano-lessons

From my general observation, a number of individuals have fingers that are appropriately fit for playing arpeggios. For others, given that they probably enjoy the tones of arpeggios, they often play it out of mere pleasure.  Intrinsically, an arpeggio is a very simple task for them.

Realizing all the strengths that you have in certain technical facets of playing the piano, for instance a flawless arpeggio, provides you a certain degree of power while performing your favorite song. One example that I often use to describe this point is “Sonatina” played by Clementi.

Using your right hand, you need to play an arpeggio in bar 12. With the knowledge that you would not fail at playing the arpeggio, you would definitely breeze through it flawlessly. During this time, I can assure you that your confidence improves a lot, largely because you are aware of your capabilities to execute a difficult task.

Recognize Your Weaknesses

Everyone, including myself has weaknesses. At times, it is very frustrating when I am unable to tackle my weaknesses. I learned in the past that in order to tackle or overcome my weaknesses, I needed to first identify them. Once I recognized them, I was able to turn my weaknesses into my strengths.

It was liberating to know that I could overcome my weaknesses, and as days went by, I increased my confidence. It was such an incredible experience, and it was all because I could not play certain keys perfectly. I was very young at that time, thus you can imagine the immense frustration I felt!

If you want to boost your confidence, my advice would be to take up piano lessons. It would do you good!

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