Highly Rated Schimmel Pianos Don’t Disappoint

Schimmel PianosIn today’s hyper-connected world, we look at reviews and ratings for everything we consider purchasing whether it’s the latest smart phone or a new pair of shoes. We trust the opinions of our family, friends and coworkers so we might ask around, use social media or check out any one of the numerous review sites on the Internet. So where do you turn to find information about the highest rated pianos?

You always do better looking for reviews and information from those people in the know. So, most of us would turn to the piano experts such as teachers, musicians or trusted piano dealers. What you will soon find is that many "In the know" piano folks will tell you Schimmel pianos have some of the highest ratings in the industry. These top ratings come from more than 100 years of quality piano craftsmanship, a knowledge passed down and handed from son to son and trusted by musicians across the globe.

Quality Characteristics

Schimmel pianos routinely receive high ratings from piano websites, piano trade magazines and piano dealers. Some of the key attributes and characteristics of the Schimmel pianos receiving high ratings include:

  • The quality of the tone;

  • Precision engineering using Computer Assisted Piano Engineering software;

  • The strongest cast iron frames that can withstand up to 21 tons of pressure;

  • Innovative and high quality piano design;

  • And a unique keyboard action.

Schimmel has also won numerous awards for its pianos. The company regularly wins top honors in design competitions taking home awards from top design competitions in the country.

Awards and Honors

Schimmel also routinely earns top honors when participating in the highly regarded Test the Best French piano tests. These tests, performed for the top French music magazines, are conducted at the Opera Bastille in Paris. Judges examine each piano in the same conditions considering tonal color and tonal dynamics. The tests are done anonymously so judges consider only the piano’s qualities and not the manufacturer. Time and again, Schimmel pianos earn top Schimmelmarks, making the Schimmel family of instruments some of the best in the world.

Materials and Design

Top rated pianos will always outperform lower rated instruments. These top brands do not take the shortcuts used by less expensive brands because the companies know the shortcuts lower overall quality. Some shortcuts manufacturers like Schimmel refuse to take include using short posts in the back frame and wood more prone to warping.

Instead, you will find the highest quality materials in Schimmel pianos. Schimmel uses 300 year old mountain spruce for its soundboards. They use premium cast iron and metal alloy for the frame to ensure it can withstand the tension of the strings and produce a high quality sound. The final varnish is applied in 13 specific steps with the result a high gloss finish designed to last.

Reviews and opinions from the experts can tell us a lot about the products we are about to invest in. Trust the ratings of the experts and consider Schimmel pianos for your home or studio. What do you look for in reviews so you know you are getting the best of the best?







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