Grand Rental – Grand Piano Rental

Grand RentalThere are several reasons you might be looking into a piano rental. Perhaps you need it for a few days for a special occasion, such as a wedding or a birthday party. You might want to rent it month to month while you take piano lessons. Or you might take advantage of Cooper Piano’s rent to own program, which gives you the opportunity to start with a Grand rental, but to have each monthly rental payment go towards the price of the piano. No matter why you’re looking for a piano, it is essential that you consider a few key elements.

Pianos Do Not Depreciate Quickly

When I bought my piano, one of the biggest factors was the price. I was concerned with making such a huge investment, and worried that I’d purchase an expensive high quality piano, only to see its value drop in the first few years I’d owned it. However, the reality is that pianos depreciate very slowly. In fact, you can own a piano for 10 years, and if you take excellent care of it, it will be worth almost as much used as it was new.

Grand PianoThe Larger the Piano The Better the Tone

Grand pianos can range in length from five feet to nine feet. Measure the room in which you’ll be putting your piano to find out what size will comfortably fit. Remember that in addition to being a beautiful, elegant musical instrument, a piano is also a gorgeous, classic piece of furniture. It should not overpower the entire room. If you’re on the fence and can’t decide between two sizes, remember that the larger the piano is, the better the tone will be.

Renting a Grand can bring you countless hours of enjoyment, can bring the love of music to everyone in a household, and can build a hobby that you’ll cherish for the rest of your life.


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