Grand Piano Manufacturers

If you’re planning on purchasing a grand piano, whether it’s for your home, school, church or other organization, it’s truly a major investment, and one that’s advisable to educate yourself about as much as possible. Here’s a brief look at some manufacturers of grand pianos, to give you a jump start on your research.

  • Yamaha – The C3 grands are often pianists’ first choice. In fact, the C series is among the best-selling grand pianos in the world. Primarily designed for recording, music school use & performance, the C3 offers a superior tone, full, lush harmonics and offers the full gamut of expressive control.Grand Piano Manufacturers
  • Baldwin – Baldwin pianos are hand-crafted and offer exquisite style & exceptional performance. Each component of a Baldwin grand, whether the Baldwin Upright or a baby grand, is carefully selected for its uniformity and performance. Baldwin’s commitment to crafting quality grand pianos has remained consistent for over 100 years.
  • Steinway – Fore more than 150 years, the most accomplished pianists around the globe have preferred expressing their talent and genius on Steinway & Sons pianos. Over 98% of the world’s concert pianists choose Steinway. The company’s steadfast mission has been to create "the finest pianos in the world" and never to compromise quality.
  • Schimmel – Schimmel proudly offers the best-selling German-made pianos in the U.S & Germany. Founder William Schimmel produced his first piano in 1885. These grand pianos are known for their innovative, responsive action and their unique tonal character.
  • Knabe – Knabe boasts the "pedigree of skills that have run through more than 300 years" is what have made their pianos, including their grand models, the best in the world. These fine, high performance instruments are heard in concert halls all across the USA and Europe.Boesendorfer
  • Boesendorfer – Played not only at famous concert halls the world over, Boesendorfer grands are also the first choice of many music schools, teachers, churches, and private homes. They offer 7 different grand models, manufactured in Vienna, Austria – Often called "the capital of classical music." Vienna has certainly had a long reputation of excellence in music composition and performance, from Mozart right on down the line to the present day.
Other grand piano manufacturers you may wish to research include Mason & Hamlin, Kawai, Samick, Story & Clark, Young Chang, Wurlitzer, Wyman – there are others. There are many finishes, many tones & actions from which to choose -. best wishes in finding the perfect grand piano!

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