Grand Piano and Baby Grand Piano – What is the Difference?

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Pianos have been a part of worldwide culture for generations. Today, modern pianos have three basic shapes; grand piano, baby grand piano and upright. Most of us are familiar with both, although grand pianos are seen more frequently outside of the home in locations such as museums, symphonies, operas, playhouses and at numerous performances within almost any major city. Pianos are also often featured within popular television shows and movies, making them highly recognizable by children and adults.

A common confusion that occurs when attempting to describe a piano is whether it is a grand or baby-grand? The answer to this question is actually quite simple; the most significant difference is in size, a variation of about 3.5 feet.

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The Differences in Size

A grand piano is one that measures in between 5.6-7.2 feet in length. One variation to this standard measurement is found in a concert grand, often measuring from 7.2-9.8 feet in length. A baby grand piano is much smaller in size, although shaped very similarly to its sisters. Baby grand pianos often measure 5 feet in length.

Comparing the Sound Quality of Grand and Baby Grand Pianos

Tonal spectrum increases as the string length increases. The enhanced length of strings within a grand piano offer greater surface area than its smaller counterpart, resulting in greater sound frequencies to resonate.

The Differences in Price

The price range for both baby grand piano and grand pianos is vast, depending upon the quality of the instrument. Baby grand pianos range in price from $6-20k, while grand pianos range from $10-150k.

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Piano Lessons and Music Education

Pianos, regardless of size, add not only culture but beauty to a home. Whether you are looking to educate your children on how to play the piano, or you yourself have an interest, take the time to not only learn about the instrument itself, but classes and learning opportunities that exist within your hometown. A better society can be created through a little added music education!


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