Emory University Jazzes Up with a Yamaha N3

yamaha-pianosYamaha recently came out with a new product; N3 AvantGrand. Music schools, conservatories, universities, and colleges, mostly seek this exact model. Emory University has bought the Yamaha N3 to jazz up its music department. Below is my review about the newest digital piano from Yamaha:

I know there are many digital pianos that are amazing and produce sounds akin to conventional pianos. However, as a classical pianist, I feel that regardless of how remarkable digital piano technology gets, nothing can truly replace the sound and feel of a conventional piano. With that said, I do not foresee that changing in the near future.

Nevertheless, Guarneri and Stradivarius violins have certainly become more cherished over time, and the best up-to-date technology has been incapable to match the beauty of their sonorous sound. When it comes to digital pianos, a sample is triggered merely by pressing a key, and then, played by electronic speakers. It is not the same when conventional pianos are concerned – the real hammer strikes the real string, which causes the soundboard to vibrate and emanates a deep sound.

The Remarkable N3 AvantGrand

It is almost the same with the N3 AvantGrand. I cannot deny that the sound is very good, but there is no mistaking that it is digital piano. Compared to other digital pianos, the speaker system is the most cutting-edge. Larger models of the N3 offer far more impressive sounds, of course. The N2, which is an upright piano is said to be of a better value, particularly for buyers who are working around a tight budget.

The Sound of the N3 AvantGrandYamaha-N3

I must confess that I really like the sound of the N3 AvantGrand and it is not a huge surprise to me that Emory University purchased this particular model. Although the sound cannot be compared to an acoustic piano, it still makes you feel as if you are listening to a player serenading you with a conventional piano. This model comes with a Soundboard Resonator, which allows players to obtain a more refined replica of the build-up of sound often felt by pianists when they play a grand piano.

The Touch of the N3 AvantGrand

The N3 AvantGrand excels perfectly when it comes to touch. The action is very close to that of a grand piano. Thus, it feels akin to the real thing when you play it. The keyboard interacts amazingly with the sample library too. This makes playing very easy and fun.

I definitely feel that the N3 AvantGrand is ideal for serious jazz and classical pianists to achieve real work on their playing, especially when they are unable to get their hands on acoustic pianos. The sample library is of satisfactorily high quality, so you cannot go wrong if you choose to purchase this model.

As with any huge purchase, it is imperative that you consult a highly experienced piano dealer when you want to shop for a N3 AvantGrand.  

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