Cooper Piano: Offering Great, Affordable Piano Lessons

Music is a passion that is enjoyed and shared by many the world over. So many have made a piano lessonsliving from performing it, or just simply take great joy in it as a hobby. I myself am a musician that has taken up many instruments, including piano. I can attest that music has helped enrich my life, and would strongly recommend it to anyone else. There are many great instruments out there, but the piano has opened more doors for me than any other. If this sounds like something you would like to experience for yourself , I would suggest piano lessons.

Why piano lessons? The learning curve on any instrument can be high. It can be hard to know where to begin, and a skilled instructor can set you on the right path. The piano is an excellent introductory instrument for many reasons. Unlike wind or string instruments, beginner piano is less grating to the ears of those around you. To learn piano the proper way, you will have to be taught too read sheet music (which you will learn during piano lessons). Learning to read music can also make learning other instruments easier. Outside of personal interests, there are countless other reasons to pursue the piano. Socially, playing music has helped me on many levels.

As my musical ability increased as a teenager, so did my confidence level. Seeing fellow musicians carry around their instruments always served as an icebreaker, and has helped bond many friendships for me over the years. Playing it in public has led to many accolades and created opportunities for musical collaborations (and also attracted the opposite sex). Even in my adult life, I will serenade my wife on occasions, much to her delight. Piano lessons could give you the skills and confidence to have that all for yourself, and maybe even earn you a few bucks along the way. Commercially, a piano player is always in demand. There is an audience for every style of piano music.

Classical piano can be heard in upscale recitals and symphonies, played everywhere in the playing pianoworld. Nearly every type of popular music nowadays features it in some form or another(rock,hip hop and pop to name a few). Scores on TV shows and movies are often made up of music from a keyboard or piano, same as TV and radio jingles. Local choirs and theaters are always in need of piano players to accompany their productions. There are piano bars in nearly every city that require a skilled player on a nightly basis. Even upscale hotels can have a pianist playing in their lobby. The sky is the limit if you wish to capitalize on your talents.

Music has been a positive influence in my life, and for many others. Playing piano music can create a better understanding and appreciation of the music you hear on a daily basis. It can give you the confidence to make new friends, and form long lasting bonds with fellow musicians. It can also give you the skills to make a career out of something you love to do. There are many reasons to take up piano lessons, and it is up to you to decide the right reasons for yourself, but you’ll never know until you try.  




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