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Cooper MusicWe’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again: There’s a big difference between your normal general-audience “music store,” and a dedicated piano specialists’ store. To see that difference, all you really have to do is look at its service area.

Cooper Music has been in business for over a century, and nearly all of that time has been spent focusing on just one area of music: pianos, organs, and other keyboard instruments. Unlike more general music stores, you won’t find trumpets, or clarinets, or drum sets at Cooper Music. All you’ll find are pianos, other keyboard instruments, and a world-class group of workers who are all there because of their shared love of piano music.

Because Cooper Music specializes in pianos, we offer a wide range of extra services that you won’t find in less-specialized stores. We don’t just want to sell you a piano. We want to ensure you have all of the tools, training, and expertise you need to turn your piano into a treasured heirloom that will stay in your family for decades.

The Cooper Music Service Area

No matter what your piano needs are, Cooper Music is here to help you with our extensive range of piano services.

  • Moving and Storage: Pianos are hand-crafted, custom-tuned fine instruments that have to be treated delicately at all times. Our staff of experts know how to transport any piano, from that old Upright in the corner to a Steinway-D Grand, and ensure it reaches its destination exactly as it left. We also provide secure, monitored, climate-controlled storage facilities for those who need to keep their piano safe during a move.

  • Tuning and Repair: Whether your piano only needs a tune-up (which we recommend twice a year) orpiano tuning it is in need of serious restoration, we can help! We can take a well-loved piano and restore it to its original glory, giving it back the sound that has been muted over the years. Why buy a piano from someone who wouldn’t be able to fix it, if something goes wrong?

  • Restoration: We know pianos are a visual art, as well as a musical one. If your piano’s exterior has become worn, faded, chipped, or crack, we can still help. Most of the time, the cost of restoring an old piano is still far less than the price of a new one. Whether your job is large or small, we want to help your piano look as good as the day it was sold.

  • Piano Lessons: We aren’t just here to sell pianos; we want to spread our love of pianos! Piano lessons are a fantastic investment in the future, whether it’s your child’s or your own. Even if you don’t own a piano, if you or someone you love wants to learn, we will be overjoyed to help connect you with a piano teacher who can suit your schedule.

  • Music and Wellness: Piano lessons aren’t just for the young! We offer group lessons for senior citizens who love music, often attracting hundreds of seniors each week. Besides lessons, we also offer dinners and a chance for like-minded seniors to meet up in a musically-rich environment.

  • grand pianosAppraisal and Consignment: Perhaps you merely want your piano appraised, for insurance purposes, or perhaps the time has come to sell. Either way, we offer fully certified appraisal services, as well as consignment sales that make it easy for you. We’re secure, we keep your identity private, and we will help you get the best price possible for your piano.

The Cooper Music Services Difference

When you’re in need of piano services, think of Cooper Music. With a century of history and expertise, we are the premiere piano sales and service retailer in the Atlanta area. Come by the store, or contact us with any questions you might have!

When was your piano last serviced? Is it time for a cleaning or a tuning?  




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