Celviano – Is This A Piano?

One of the really terrible things in this tiny cramped world we live in about those who love to hear and play the piano is that pianos are just so big. Forgetting the size issue which would stop most of us short from ever Celvianogetting an actual grand piano is the immense cost. Decent baby grand and grand pianos start in the tens of thousands of dollars and move up from there. Add in to that maintenance and that space to fit this specter piano and the story gets even more dire. But what about some of the more impressive digital pianos? What about the Celviano? Is that considered a piano?

Well one of the really great things about this modern world is that it’s often the case that we don’t really have to have the actual thing to replicate the impression that it’s there. This is the case with the Celviano; the newest models continue to wow even the most trained ears.

Casio has been making these digital pianos for some 30 years; they have gotten the science down as close as it can get. One of the latest models Celviano pianos claims a 4 layer grand piano quality with some of the most realistic sound imaginable.

To replicate a piano Casio has what they call their proprietary Linear Morphing System. This allows the player and the listener to become ensconced in the grand pianopiano experience. Using this technology promises seamless transition and offers the Casio brands superior dynamic range.

Adding another level of realism Celviano allows the player to replicate the sound of open strings by using Casio’s Acoustic Resonance DSP to “raise the dampers.” While this may be something that only the very classically trained or helplessly geeky musicians may appreciate, it certainly adds to the claim that these digital pianos are as close to the real thing as possible.

Of course for some ears there will never be a digital sound that is greater than an ivory sound; even if it is in fact a better sound. But as the world speeds up and opens up it also shrinks down and slows down. Celviano Digital Piano from Casio have done everything they can to help make the acoustic, digital, piano buyer experience as satisfying as the traditional.





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