Baby Grand Piano Looks Good In The Home

Recently my daughter came up to me and asked me to buy her a piano. I had already noticed Baby Grand Pianothe girl’s interest in music and her mother and I were already making plans to take her to music school. This request therefore never came to me as a surprise. However, it dawned on me and my wife that we didn’t have a single idea of what kind of piano to buy our daughter as a present. This is a problem that many other parents usually come across. Deciding the kind of piano to buy is quite a challenge. However with proper research and consultation with her music teacher we eventually made the decision to buy her a baby grand piano.

The baby grand piano does not cost much. This fact however does not compromise the kind of tone, responsive touch and great finish that is associated with this type of piano. As a matter of fact I believe I got value for my money when I purchased this beauty for my daughter. Its size is also friendly as it fits perfectly in my house ending the worry that I had about the piano taking up much space at our house. The baby grand piano is between 145cms to 173cms long and approximately 152cms wide. The tail is around 3’wide. With such measurements this kind of piano does not consume much space.

I settled for a baby grand piano because of its unique look. It came across to me as a desirable peace of furniture. Apart from its sound, its artistic features provide a brilliant and comfortable aura in the home. Types of the baby grand piano are classified according to color and leg designs. Most of them come in black but I had the options of ebony, white, mahogany and walnut. Leg styles include Straight, Queen Anne and Victorian. The leg styles make the baby grand look elegant and much more stylish enhancing their use as decorations in the home. This piano provides the player with effective touch response with a tone that is different from that of an upright piano that goes for the same price. With these great features I definitely had to settle for this piano for my daughter.

I got to learn however that modern design and engineering in terms of pianos is highly effectiveupright piano but at the same time worth much more. There is the option of going for older pianos designed in the 30s by top piano makers of the time including the likes of Bluthner, Bechstein and Grotrian Steinweg. This is because they are cheaper and their designs different. When going for a restored baby grand piano from the early years, services of an independent technician who will very how well the restoration has been done, the extent of restoration and even how recently the restoration was done is necessary. This will help in determination of the cost of the baby grand piano. Restored pianos usually look well in the home as they have the look of artifacts.

When shopping for this baby grand piano for my daughter I came to realize that it is important to consider the width of the main body specifically the tail end. I was surprised at the fact that two 5’ long baby grand pianos may sound different all this depending on the tail profile. This is because a wide tail accommodates longer bass strings and provides more soundboard area. It additionally allows for a better bridge receptive position. However, I was advised against going for one that is less than 5’ long as the bass tone would be poorly pronounced.    




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