Atlanta Piano Movers And Your Piano

Atlanta Piano MoversContrary to some beliefs, a piano is not just a piece of furniture or home décor – it’s so much more. A piano is full of family memories – sometimes memories dating back multiple generations. A piano is a place where music can not only be learned, but explored, created and perfected. To many piano owners, this instrument is a cherished belonging no less important than their great grandmother’s diamond ring or their children’s baby pictures. Because it is so important, it should be treated with the utmost care and respect.

Piano lovers go to great lengths to ensure their beloved instruments get the proper maintenance and cleaning they need to maintain their beautiful tonal quality and gleaming appearance. Over time, you spend money hiring only the best of technicians to service your piano so that you may keep it in your family for many more generations to come. Thus, when it comes time to move your piano, you must exercise great care in choosing a team of Atlanta piano movers who you can trust.

Obviously a piano is very large, and very heavy. Unless you’re built like The Incredible Hulk – and you have a twin to help – there’s really no way to avoid hiring a team of professionals. If you were to attempt to move your piano yourself, the results could be devastating and the repairs would be outrageous.

In addition to being extremely heavy, pianos are also crafted from hundreds of minuscule parts. They must be handled with gentle care. Generally, movers will first wrap the piano in a special blanket to prevent any nicks, scratches or marks from damaging the surface during the move. Some pianos, such as grand piano movingpianos, are too large to be moved in one piece and must be dismantled and each piece is then wrapped individually.

Next, the movers will transfer the piano to a dolly – which will help move the instrument across level surfaces. However, for stairways, the piano must be carefully slid. If the piano is being moved down or up several flights of stairs, the movers may instead use a hoisting or freight lift system.

Any jerking movements could fracture a number of the small parts within the piano and cause expensive damages. Thus, piano moving requires at least three skilled movers – and sometimes even more. That’s why you need to make sure the Atlanta piano movers you choose are well qualified to handle this task. Often people selecting movers will first compare the prices of the various companies, but when it comes to something as fragile and valuable as a piano, it’s best to compare companies by credentials and reputation before price. Do not make the mistake of selecting movers who are not experienced with pianos, or not insured.

Our piano movers are not only experienced – they’re also well trained and specialized in pianos. We can move any brand of piano or organ regardless of size, and we can do so with careful attention and skill. We can guarantee that we employ only the best Atlanta piano movers in the business and will give your piano the special treatment it deserves. Of course, when it comes to your prized piano, you shouldn’t trust anything less.

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