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piano moversDo you find yourself not playing your piano as much because the sound does not thrill you the way it once did? There are many things that can affect the sound quality of your instrument, including piano moving or storing it improperly. Atlanta piano movers understand these nuances and can prevent your once in a lifetime investment from being compromised. If you have already moved or stored it yourself and notice a different sound, these same experts can identify what went wrong. Restoration is almost always possible.  

Whether you are moving a piano or storing it, there is a possibility of damage. Some of us learn the lesson first hand. We cover it painstakingly to protect it from suffering any environmental fluctuations only to find that when we restore it to its proper place in the family circle, it needs some work. In my case, a simple tuning did not solve the problem—a technician was required.
Calling an Atlanta piano mover that is licensed, bonded and insured to move and store a piano or organ correctly—on its side—in a climate-controlled environment is essential. The small cost of handling a piano correctly is very much preferred to the cost of improper movement or storage. Often the same people who move and store pianos and organs also have qualified climate controltechnicians on staff to restore it if you have made the mistake I made.

Technicians working with Atlanta piano movers can create and replace soundboards and pin blocks using high-quality material to make sure the sound that you get is superb. These same technicians, after you have had your piano stored properly with piano storage professionals, can move your piano into your new home and “custom voice” it to fit its new environment.
Even if you only require an Atlanta piano mover to move your piano from one room to another, piano experts can provide you with vital information to protect your investment for a lifetime.

Moving your piano from one room to another, or just to another end of the same room, can affect the sound quality. Taking advantage of the expertise available at Cooper Piano can ensure that your family’s love of music endures.   





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