Atlanta Offers Jazz Piano Lessons For Beginners

Since I became an experienced pianist and a piano dealer, I have told loads of people about Atlanta jazz piano lessons. Aside from classical, I would tell them about a number of other music genres that they should consider as well. Jazz is a great music genre and I remember spending my free time in the basement listening to Wes Montgomery, Charlie Parker, Herbie Hancock and numerous other notable jazz musicians. In Atlanta, there are several places that you can approach to start taking jazz piano lessons as a beginner.   

If you are a beginner, this haunting style of music can appear nerve-racking and difficult to undertake. However, you should not fret because you are definitely not alone. A number of novices feel the same way while they listen to amazing jazz veterans. To be frank, I am still amazed at the way these musicians sound. In order to help beginners feel at ease with jazz lessons, I have a few tips to share. I hope these tips enable you to become more focused when you begin your jazz expedition.Atlanta jazz piano lessons

Begin with Several Jazz Standards

Learning Atlanta jazz piano lessons is akin to learning a new language. As with a new language, you will learn new words and as soon as you grasp all the new words, you will begin to use them to form sentences. Learning and grasping new words is essential to any languages, but if you do not know how to form and then, speak in full sentences, it will be impossible to communicate.

The same can be said about learning jazz music – when you begin your lesson, you will start by learning new chords or new scales. Without knowing and understanding where and how chords or scales come together, you would not be able to play a musical piece. Therefore, it is vital that you spend a bit of time to learn a number of simple jazz tunes. You need to listen to a particular piece, learn the melody and of course, the chords changes. Below is a list of tunes you can easily start with:

– Blue Bossa

– Satin Doll

Autumn Leaves

– Misty

Alternatively, you can search online for jazz tunes specifically constructed for beginners.

Auditory Tradition in Learning Jazz

The primary approaches to learning this genre are very different from classical music, for example. In classical music, you will see that all the notes are written out, whereby in jazz, although a few of the notes are written, numerous jazz styles need to be learned by listening. Hence, you should invest a lot of time to figure out what you are hearing from all the tunes.

Figure Out what You Listen to or Hearpiano lessons

As I mentioned above, you need to take the time to figure out the melodies you hear from your favorite tunes. Now, you do not have to tear apart the entire album, but it will be enough to pick a few songs, especially simple ones. Every day, attempt to figure out about three or four bars of a tune that you truly enjoy.

Learn Jazz Theory Concepts

It is helpful if you spend some time to learn more about all the general chord progressions and the music theory. When you start learning the chords at an earlier stage, you will realize that it will be very useful when you ultimately start your Atlanta jazz piano lessons with an experienced professional teacher.

If you are very interested in learning jazz, you should consider getting in touch with an experienced jazz teacher in your area. A highly skilled and experienced jazz teacher is the best place to start if you are only starting out with jazz piano lessons.

In your opinion, which is better for beginners – to learn Atlanta jazz piano lessons in a group or in a one-on-one session? 


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