Atlanta Jazz Piano Lessons Dishes Out Homework

Homework? As most would see it as a dread, for students taking jazz piano lessons in Atlanta, jazz piano lessonsit’s an invite to enjoy some live music. Did you know there was more to taking jazz piano lessons than just learning to play the piano? While listening to jazz music may not be considered to be normal homework, it is a fun and beneficial one to the student.

New Orleans in the early 1900’s, united many settlers from all over. Merging together many cultures and forming a new sound and style of music, jazz music was born. With the settlers migrating to the north for better work opportunity, the music style followed along with them.  The younger generations grabbed hold of the music and began listening and dancing. And the world of jazz music began to grow and hasn’t slowed down yet. World renounced jazz musicians such as Louis Armstrong and Benny Goodman became popular during this time and left an impact on jazz music never to be forgotten. Music had forever changed the 20th century.

With benefits ranging from better sleep patterns, reduced blood pressure to improving ones memory. The sounds of each note as they play through… you begin to not only hear the music but your body begins to feel it. It has been said that the melody of the music seems to take over and calm all that was once in disarray. All that comes from just simply enjoying a bit of music. Who would have thought? 

Listening to jazz music while taking jazz piano lessons is one of the most important things you need to do. True jazz music speaks to you. Listen to all the jazz you can get your hands on. Weather it be live jazz music or recordings, listen and listen well.  After listening to the music, you will start to internalize the harmonies, rhythms and melodies of jazz. Everything one needs to know about jazz is within the music itself. You just have to listen to what the music is saying.

After listening to the music, experiment with what you have learned and make it your own.  You learn to play music by taking lessons. Taking piano lessons is just the beginning of learning jazz music.  You want your hands to learn to play, not just your brain. Taking small steps during the lessons will give your mind and body time to learn each step, each note and be able to repeat and transform each into music.  Finding the perfect teacher is the most important part of taking jazz piano lessons in Atlanta.

Atlanta has many jazz piano teachers to choose from. But, none like the famous Ted Howe. After beginning the study of jazz piano in his teens, Ted Howe became a professor at the young age of 24. Being a jazz piano teacher as well as a composer, Ted Howe knows jazz inside and out. With his favorites containing many as well as non other than Louis Armstrong, Duke Ellington and Bill Evans, Ted’s passion for jazz piano continue to grow.  With his growing reputation as a sought after teacher, Ted established his own teaching studio here in Atlanta.

The jazz piano lessons Atlanta offers with Ted Howe are limited. The lessons are private and have only a certain amount of availability. Jazz piano lessons is where is all begins. And one should not be shocked if Ted offers up homework at the end of the lessons. Homework that consist of finding and listening (not to mention the simple enjoyment that comes along with it) to local jazz music, right here in Atlanta.

Are you ready for your first homework assignment? Here you go! Enjoy.

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