An Upright Piano Can Be Better Than A Baby Grand

Buying a piano is a lifetime investment not to be taken lightly. It’s in my best interest to make sure that you make the best decision for you and your household with as little stress as possible.

The best way to do this is to make an educated decision based on important piano facts. After organizing your wants and needs from a piano, most likely your major question will be: Should I get an upright or grand piano?

When most people think of a piano in a home, a baby grand piano is usually the immediateupright-piano picture. You might envision a concert pianist in flailing coattails dramatically gliding down the keys of a glistening grand piano; just the name in itself commands reverie!

A grand piano undoubtedly has to be grand. The horizontal design of a grand piano certainly promises a fuller sound than the vertical disposition of an upright, but don’t count an upright piano out so quickly.

Lately the trend has been to make baby grand pianos with the same designs of a beautifully well-made piano, but with much less quality to make the piano more affordable to buyers.

The goal of upright or vertical piano manufacturers is always to close the acoustical sound gap between uprights and grand pianos and there has been much improvement since the honky-tonk piano from old western movies. You might be surprised to find that a well-made upright/vertical piano can be better than a baby grand for you and your family’s music interests.

Lets consider some of its benefits:


Upright pianos are usually placed against a wall and will take up exceptionally less space than a grand piano. If you’re looking for a piano for your household but have a concern about space, an upright piano would probably be your best choice.

A baby grand piano may have a greater volume than certain upright pianos, but consider how that would sound bouncing against the walls of a space not able to handle such heavy vibrations.


baby-grand-pianoAn upright piano will provide a much more genuine piano experience than an electronic keyboard without breaking the bank.

If you’re just beginning with your lessons and want to make an educated decision on whether to continue or not, I would suggest getting an upright piano to get an authentic experience without having to invest in the much more expensive baby grand piano. 


Since uprights have longer strings and a larger soundboard than a baby grand piano, it should be noted that tall upright pianos of high quality produce a finer sound and a greater volume than a lower-price baby grand piano does.

Again, make sure that you have carefully considered the pros and cons to you or your family’s unique needs before making this important investment in your life. It’s always helpful to talk things over with an experienced player, like a piano teacher.

I always feel an excitement when someone is preparing to make a piano purchase; the right decision will add so much more color into your life, and definitely more beautiful sounds!

I’m very interested to hear of the perks as well as any disadvantages owners of upright pianos may have experienced. Share them with us on Twitter @CooperPiano!

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