All Pianos Are Not Created Equal – Tuning

pianos not created equalAs any piano connoisseur or avid player knows, it takes work to maintain the tonal quality of a piano. Just as with a violin, guitar or any other stringed instrument, various outside factors can affect the tension of the strings. Everything from playing often to the level of humidity in the air can change the tune of an instrument, and pianos are no different. While some instruments may require careful tuning before each and every time they are played, a piano only needs to be tuned about twice per year to maintain the best sound quality.

One thing to keep in mind before investing in a piano of your own is whether or not the piano is already tuned. Some piano sellers are so interested in moving merchandise and earning a profit that they fail to properly prepare the piano for the buyer. However, a piano is an expensive purchase and it is extremely important that the salesman do everything necessary to make sure your new piece is in top quality. When choosing your piano, always ask if the piano has been serviced with a tuning.piano tuning

Cooper Music understands the importance of top tonal quality in our pianos, and so we have equipped each professional instrument with a 2.0 X 2 ½ inch blued steel piano tuning pins for easy and secure tuning. Additionally, double-blued caps are more effective in resisting rust and corrosion. Prior to shipment, each of our pianos receive two chippings and tunings.

A finely tuned piano is a beautiful instrument, but an out-of-tune piano is often a source of frustration for any buyer. Do you think all pianos should be tuned prior to purchase?     









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